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Publicus: Quarter of Fidesz Supporters Blame Ukraine for War

picture of Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orbán

Nearly two-thirds of Hungarians (64%) believe Russia acted as an aggressor in its attack on Ukraine, according to a new representative Publicus Institute poll commissioned by Népszava. The research institute writes that uncertainty on the issue has been fueled by the Orbán government’s delay in acknowledging the attack as an act of aggression. The poll was conducted between March 7-11.

The results also show that pro-government voters have a divided view on the causes of the war. Less than half of Fidesz voters (44%) consider the Russian invasion of Ukraine as clear aggression, while a quarter blame the Ukrainians and a third did not offer an opinion.

On the other side, over 90% of respondents identifying as opposition voters condemn the Russian attack.

Only 14% of all respondents thought it was possible for the war to spread to Hungary. Opposition voters saw this as more likely than those in the pro-government camp.

However, there are large differences between how the two political sides view Viktor Orbán’s and his government’s relationship with Russia. 81% of those who sympathize with Fidesz felt there was no need for the Prime Minister to condemn Russia for attacking Ukraine more harshly than he has already done, while 90% of opposition voters strongly believed he should. [Magyar Hang]

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