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Opposition Calls for Parliament to Be Convened Immediately Over Ukraine Conflict

picture of Ágnes Vadai

Hungary’s political opposition is calling for the National Assembly to convene immediately over the war taking place in Ukraine, said DK politician Ágnes Vadai (pictured), vice-chair of the National Defense and Law Enforcement Committee, at a press conference held after a committee meeting.

Vadai said that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán must report to Parliament how he plans to guarantee the safety of Hungarians, what steps he is planning to take to help Hungarians and Ukrainians fleeing the war, and why he is not suspending the Paks II project and construction of the Russian vaccine factory.

The discussions in the committee meeting will be kept secret until 2051, so we won’t know what was said until then. When a journalist asked why the meeting minutes had been made confidential, Vadai said that no reason had been given for it.

Vadai protested that the Government Information Center had sent a “letter stating untruths” to the e-mail addresses of those who had registered for vaccination. The letter claimed that the opposition wanted to send Hungarian troops to Ukraine, which was only true in the sense that the opposition’s prime minister-designate, Péter Márki-Zay, had said that Hungary should send soldiers and weapons if NATO requests the country to do so.

As the MP from the Democratic Coalition stated:

In the middle of the war, Orbán is engaging in false and unethical campaign tricks that violate the fairness of the elections, which DK believes the National Election Commission should address.

Vadai said at the press conference that she had not received an answer to the question of what plans the Hungarian Defense Forces had for evacuating Hungarians in Ukraine.

She stated that both the opposition and government were in agreement that keeping the peace was the most important consideration. In addition, the DK politician said that although the Hungarian government would initially only talk about “military action,” they are now “willing to admit” that it was about Russian aggression.

[HVG][Photo: Demokratikus Koalíció / Facebook]

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