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Republikon: Majority of Fidesz Voters Want Hungary to Join Eurozone

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Over half of Fidesz-KDNP supporters, 51%, want to see Hungary adopt the euro as official currency if it meets the necessary conditions, while two-thirds of opposition voters, 67%, feel the same way, according to an analysis by the Republikon Institute using January data from Eurobarometer and Závecz Research Institute.

However, 40% of those who support the ruling party and 25% of opposition sympathizers are not in favor of ditching the forint in favor of the joint EU currency.

Despite overall support for the idea, the vast majority of respondents, 67%, believe that Hungary is not ready to join the bloc of nations that use the euro as legal tender. But 64% expect the euro to have an overall positive effect on Hungary once it does, even though 50% of poll respondents think it will lead to higher prices. Only 3% thought that prices might fall, and 41% expected prices to remain steady after the euro is adopted.

Regarding how long it would take for Hungary to join the eurozone, the largest group of respondents, 42%, felt that it could be possible within ten years, while 26% thought it could happen within five years.

However, a similar proportion of 26% are of the belief that Hungary will never adopt the euro as its official currency. [Népszava]

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