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Teachers Get Ready for Longer Strike on Mar. 16

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An all-day teacher strike for an indefinite length of time could begin on March 16, Erzsébet Nagy from the Democratic Union of Teachers (PDSZ) told RTL News. This would be the second strike by educators this year, after around 20,000 educators protested low pay and poor conditions in a two-hour strike on January 31.

Nagy said the two major teacher unions, PDSZ and the Teachers Union (PSZ), had agreed with each other on providing “sufficient services,” and will get together with government representatives this Friday to discuss them.

If these latest talks are not successful, they will then head to court, said Nagy, as they want to avoid calling a strike for an indefinite period without a final verdict on the matter.

Nagy also said that, unlike the two-hour strike last week, they were planning to hold full-day strikes, and would not provide childcare in every institution.

In places where many people are taking part in the strike, we want teachers to be able to hold a truly noticeable, closed-door strike, and only provide childcare in certain institutions.

-said Nagy, who added that she believes there are some teachers who have been intimidated into not striking again.

Teachers have three major demands: increasing salaries for teachers and non-teaching staff, reducing teaching workloads, and amending the regulation on compulsory teacher vaccination, which will allow teachers who have been dismissed and are irreplaceable in the present situation to return to work.

The Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI) said on Tuesday that the government had raised salaries for public teachers by 10% in January, and that further wage increases were planned in 2023.


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