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No Need to Station NATO Troops in Hungary, Says Defense Minister

picture of Tibor Benkő

Hungarian Defense Minister Tibor Benkő (pictured) appeared to pour cold water on the possibility of NATO troops being stationed in Hungary over the situation in Ukraine.

Minister Benkő stated on Thursday that one of Hungary’s primary military objectives was “to create a national military force, such national capabilities that we would not have to rely on other foreign forces and troops in such situations.”

He also added:

And we are on that path. So now, in the present situation we are in now, I have to say that as opposed to several other countries, we do not consider it appropriate, or request that NATO reinforcements be stationed here. We can perform this task ourselves.

-said the Defense Minister.

RT picked up on the Minister’s comments on Sunday and published an article with the title, “Hungary does not need NATO reinforcements amid Ukraine standoff – minister,” which was first noted by Telex.

In the article, RT pointed out that Hungary was also opposed to Ukraine joining NATO because of the ethnic Hungarians in the country’s Transcarpathian region. [HVG]

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