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Dobrev: If Orbán Goes to Moscow Tomorrow, He Shouldn’t Come Back

picture of Viktor Orbán and Vladimir Putin

While Russia appears to be on the verge of occupying Ukraine, Viktor Orbán is still planning to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday in Moscow. Despite the European Parliament’s warnings that the Russian President’s intent is to keep the EU divided, the Hungarian Prime Minister is staying silent on the topic, reports Ellenszél.

According to MEP Klára Dobrev from the Democratic Coalition party:

There is no freedom fighting or swordsmanship over sovereignty concerns, only a plane ticket to Moscow, even after Vladimir Putin called on Hungary to leave NATO.

Dobrev believes that the only proper decision in this situation would be for the Hungarian Prime Minister to call off his trip to Moscow.

We, the united opposition, are calling for this as well. Viktor Orbán has a duty to reassure Hungarians as well as our Western allies. He can do that now. Failing to do so will betray not only the interests of Hungary, but also of Europe. And it is finally time for the Prime Minister to understand: Hungary’s home is in Europe, the majority of the country is pro-EU, and our allies are in the West, not in the Eastern dictatorships.

-the MEP wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

Her post featured a picture of Putin looking at Orbán, overlaid with the text:

Orbán shouldn’t go to Moscow! If he does go, then he shouldn’t come home!


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