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Finnish MEP Claims Hungary Will Soon Ratify NATO Expansion

The Hungarian Parliament may ratify the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO on October 24, says Finnish Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Eero Heinäluoma. Hungary and Turkey are the only NATO member states that have not formally voted to expand the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The Finnish representative told a media outlet that he had been informed of the date during a private conversation. While he did not want to name names, he mentioned that “the issue is progressing well.”

Turkey has repeatedly expressed its concerns over adding Sweden and Finland to the defense alliance. In Hungary’s case, the Finns believe that the government is not against the idea, but simply does not consider it an urgent matter.

A few days ago, State Secretary for Defense Policy Gáspár Maróth noted that adding the two Scandavian countries to the defensive bloc would allow NATO to extend from Turkey to Finland, and he showed apparent concern that “the Russian side cannot counterbalance this militarily.” [444]

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