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EMMI: Teacher Strike “Will Not Go Unpunished”

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After the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI) announced on Saturday that they believed the teacher strike planned for Monday was illegal, RTL News asked the ministry if anyone involved in the strike would face sanctions. In its reply, EMMI wrote:

We have not made any threats. However, we would also like to point out that organizing an illegal strike will not go unpunished.

A two-hour “warning” strike was planned for Monday morning, but teacher unions said that schools would provide childcare even if classes were not held.

Tamás Totyik, president of the Teachers Union, told RTL News that parents who support the striking teachers could help them most by not taking their children to school. But he added that for whom that wasn’t possible, schools would ensure that every child is looked after, or teachers not taking part in the strike would take them in during the strike.

It was not known over the weekend how many teachers would join the Monday strike. Elizabeth Nagy, a board member of the Democratic Union of Teachers (PDSZ), said that after EMMI’s recent letter:

Many are now uncertain, and are saying that under such circumstances they are not sure they would dare go on strike.

Organizers asked whoever joins them to wear a checkered shirt. An automobile procession in support of striking teachers will leave Heroes’ Square at two o’clock in the afternoon. [444]

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