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Ministry Calls Expected Teacher Strike Illegal, “Left-Wing Campaign Move”

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Teacher unions say that the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI) is making statements that are so “grossly unlawful” that they could be intimidating teachers and institutional leaders about to go on strike and prevent them from exercising their constitutional rights.

The strike announced for Monday is not legal. There has been no final court decision on this, and children can be taken to school without a problem.

-EMMI announced, among other things, in a statement released on Tuesday.

Above all, the ministry argued in the statement that the teacher strike scheduled for January 31 was a “left-wing campaign move.”

In a joint statement, the Democratic Union of Teachers (PDSZ) and the Teachers Union (PSZ) responded to EMMI’s comments by saying that only a Hungarian court could take a position on whether the strike was legal or not.

The unions then called on the ministry to “abide by the laws in force in Hungary, and refrain from violating the constitutional rights of workers.” They also confirmed that they would continue to organize the strike for January 31, pending a court order on the matter.

Teacher unions have been negotiating with the ministry for months in an attempt to secure better pay and working conditions for public school teachers. PDSZ and PSZ announced a two-hour “warning strike” for January 31, which could be followed by another strike on March 16 for an indefinite period if their conditions have not been met by then. [Telex]

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