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Teacher Unions Declare a “Warning Strike” for Jan. 31

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The Teachers’ Union (PSZ) and the Democratic Union of Teachers (PDSZ) have announced a warning strike for January 31, the two unions said on Wednesday afternoon after their joint strike committee held discussions with government representatives.

“What took place today was a farce. If we could, we would be waving a black flag,” said Zsuzsa Szabó, president of PSZ, in front of the Ministry of Human Resources building after meeting with the government, Eduline reported.

There is only one way left for us – we will do everything we can to organize a strike. Get ready, because we’re going to announce a strike for January 31st. We will submit our demands on the provision of sufficient services to the court this week.

-stated Zsuzsa Szabó.

If the warning strike does not produce results, they will call another strike on March 16, said Erzsébet Nagy of PDSZ. The union representatives said there was still no agreement on the provision of sufficient services because the government would expect them to keep teaching during the strike.

The teachers also asked in vain for repealing the regulation that requires public school workers to be vaccinated or put on unpaid leave. No agreement has been reached on a wage increase, as the government is only offering a wage increase no higher than 10% for 2022.

The government has previously stated that teachers can expect a comprehensive wage settlement in 2023.

Union leaders have asked as many people as possible to join their warning strike and requested the support of parents and students.

[Magyar Hang]

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