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Márki-Zay Will Pay 5 Million Ft. If You Can Prove Gov’t Propaganda About Him Is True

picture of Péter Márki-Zay

Here you are, five million forints: enlighten people about who is lying. It’s not me.

-said Péter Márki-Zay as he ended his interview on ATV’s Egyenes Beszéd on Tuesday evening.

The prime ministerial candidate for Hungary’s united opposition is offering a total of 5 million Ft. (US $15,600) to anyone who can provide actual evidence of five allegations that government propaganda is claiming he believes.

The opposition leader said that he would give 1 million Ft. ($3,100) per statement to whoever can prove that he actually said any of the following:

  1. He would abolish the utility price cut policy,
  2. he would let migrants in the country,
  3. he would make Hungarians pay for health care,
  4. he would send Hungarians to India for eye surgery,
  5. he would close obstetric wards.

Márki-Zay said he would be waiting to hear from Fidesz propagandists with proof that he ever said such things, with a million forints for each of them. [Telex]

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