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György Gattyán Registers Solution Movement as a Political Party

picture of György Gattyán

Wealthy entrepreneur György Gattyán (pictured) initially hinted in late November that he was thinking of running for office in the spring parliamentary elections. He finally declared his candidacy on December 17 and announced the Solution Movement as his new party, ending speculation about what his intentions were.

A few days after the announcement, however, RTL Híradó could not find any trace of Gattyán’s party in official records. It is now being reported that Solution Movement was registered as a political party on December 24, although the founding document was written in early November, according to daily Magyar Nemzet.

Official records show that the president of the Solution Movement, which goes by MEMO in Hungarian, is György Gattyán himself, with Kriszta Bajusz, Viktor Huszár, and Gábor Borsányi as the three vice-presidents of the party. Huszár and Borsányi, along with Gattyán, were the co-founders and co-inventors of the sport of teqball, which combines elements of ping-pong and soccer.

The party was registered in the headquarters of Docler Holding, the largest company in Gattyán empire. As they describe it:

The goal of MEMO is to provide Hungarian citizens with an attractive civic alternative capable of governing that meets today’s challenges, and through its operation encourage the strengthening and political activity of the national and cultural identity of Hungarian citizens.


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