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Gattyán’s Party Gets Over 1% of Vote, Making It Eligible for Public Funding

picture of György Gattyán

Results from yesterday’s parliamentary election show that the Solution Movement (MeMo) party, founded by porn billionaire György Gattyán (pictured), captured 1.09% of the vote share.

This means that the party will not have to repay the public funding it received during the campaign, and that it will continue to be eligible for further state aid in future elections.

This is a nice result for a party and movement that’s 100 days old, although we’d hoped for a little more than that.

-said Gattyán at his party’s election watch event, as reported by state news agency MTI.

Evaluating the party’s campaigning efforts, he said that Budapest voters warmed up the most to his party. While they did well in the capital region, they still have some work to do in the rest of the country.

Gattyán said that MeMo’s main campaign theme of digitalization was still their most important concern, but that the two large political forces had also begun to address it.

Asked if he could imagine working with the government to achieve their digitalization objectives, the founder of amateur adult webcam site LiveJasmin said this hadn’t come up yet, but if anyone wants their experience, knowledge, or assistance in this area, they’d be happy to provide it.


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