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Fidesz Sending Out Letters Asking for Campaign Donations

picture of Viktor Orbán

Fidesz began sending out fundraising letters on Monday with a request for donations from Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, according to an article in Magyar Nemzet. The party confirmed the news from the pro-government paper to HVG.

We have entered an age full of dangers, where we have to deal with the epidemic, greater levels of illegal migration, and increasingly aggressive attempts to interfere by Brussels and the Soros Empire all at the same time.

-reads the letter from Viktor Orbán.

The prime minister then calls on voters to contribute to Fidesz’s “fight” and support the party’s campaign if their means allow. The letter also includes a yellow postal remittance check, which donors can use at any post office to send cash directly into the party’s coffers.

Fidesz wrote a similar letter to supporters before the 2018 parliamentary elections. As HVG wrote at the time, the significance of this is more psychological than monetary, as the belief is that voters will be more attached to a given party and more certain to vote on election day if they have given financially supported that party.


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