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United Opposition Still Leads Fidesz in Latest Republikon Poll

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The united opposition list is still ahead of Fidesz by 36-33% in the general population and 48-43% among party voters, according to a new poll by the Republikon Institute.

The research institute talked to 1,000 people between December 9-14, just days after the corruption scandal with Fidesz MP and State Secretary Pál Völner broke out.

The 5-point difference between party supporters is important, as most experts tend to think that the opposition needs at least that much of an advantage to defeat Fidesz due to the gerrymandering of districts and extra votes coming from the ethnic Hungarian minority in neighboring countries, which overwhelmingly vote for the government parties.

The current data show that Fidesz has increased its support, with the ruling party gaining 2% over a month ago among the entire population and party voters.

On the opposition side, DK’s support has begun to rise after months of decline, while Momentum did as well, although it’s increase is still within the margin of error. Meanwhile, Jobbik’s popularlity remains in a slump, although it continues to be the second strongest party in the six-party coalition.

Looking at the opposition parties one-by-one, their support among party voters breaks down accordingly:

  • DK – 16%
  • Jobbik – 10%
  • Momentum – 9%
  • MSZP – 7%
  • Our Homeland – 4%
  • LMP – 3%
  • Dialogue – 3%
  • Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party – 3%

Out of this group, Our Homeland and the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party are not part of the united opposition coalition, but plan to run their own candidates independently in next spring’s general elections.


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