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Dialogue Plans to Increase Popularity by Becoming a Political Movement

picture of Bence Tordai

Dialogue MP Bence Tordai (pictured) gave a friendly interview to the VIP, the green party’s own online newspaper. Among other things, he discussed how the party was working on increasing its popularity, which remains under 5% despite the fact that its candidates won in seven electoral districts during the primary elections in the fall. According to the politician:

We have started a movement within the party called ‘Strong Dialogue.’ My hope is that we’ll be able to shift into functioning as a movement.

For Dialogue, “functioning as a movement” would mean addressing young people by strengthening the “logic of embeddedness,” and of course, part of Dialogue’s mission is to represent women and the Roma society.

The point is that “we have to open ourselves beyond the media-supporting, elitist, and internal logic typical of all Hungarian parties,” said Tordai, who soundly defeated DK’s Olga Kálmán in the Budapest District II primary election.

In addition, Tordai feels it is a political success that Fidesz has started to promote itself in green terms.

Even in Hungary, communicating on environmental topics has become a mandatory part of politics, and the ruling party cannot get away from this. At the same time, however, what we see them doing on a day-to-day basis has very little to do with saving our planet.

-stated Bence Tordai.


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