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Internal Poll Showing Fidesz Lead “Has No Basis in Reality,” Says Kunhalmi

picture of Ágnes Kunhalmi

The poll that appeared on news portal on Thursday morning has no basis in reality, said Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) Co-Chair Ágnes Kunhalmi (pictured) on the ATV program Egyenes Beszéd.

According to the 444 article, an internal poll commissioned by the opposition showed Fidesz with 46% support and the united opposition with 32%, as well as a sharp decline in support for a new government. The news site also wrote that opposition party chairs had received the poll results.

Kunhalmi claimed that the survey came from the Iránytű Institute, and that neither she nor her fellow party chairmen had seen the data. She also said that the poll results had not been provided to the opposition’s candidate for prime minister, Péter Márki-Zay, either. The results are unrealistic because Fidesz has never had 3.6 million voters, she said.

It was irresponsible to publicize it in this way. If [pro-government daily] Magyar Nemzet had made these claims, we could have waved them away… It has no basis in reality… I don’t even understand 444. They write that as party chair, it had a sobering effect on me. What? Didn’t 444 call any of the party presidents?

-said the MSZP politician.

Ágnes Kunhalmi added that this news puts uncertainty into voters, while the opposition has just held a successful primary election and is getting ready to hold a national referendum.


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