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Internal Polling Shows Fidesz Has Regained Lead

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Ruling party Fidesz has significantly increased its popular support compared to the fall, according to an internal, non-public poll commissioned by the joint opposition, reports 444.

The news portal writes that Fidesz-KDNP holds a 46-32% lead over the opposition coalition list, while the far-right Our Country is at 5% support, the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party at 4%, and a further 12% are either not voting or would not reveal their political preference.

Even worse for the united opposition parties, 52% said they were satisfied with the current government, with only 43% preferring a change of government. 444 claims that Fidesz’s internal polling over the past few weeks also shows similar numbers.

Although Péter Márki-Zay, the opposition’s designated candidate for prime minister, continues to tour the country and opposition politicians frequently respond to current political developments with statements and social media posts, they have mostly dropped out of the public mind since the end of the primary elections in October, writes 444.

The opposition alliance has not even come up with a campaign name or campaign colors, notes the site, nor have they developed a unified electoral party list.

According to 444, a lot of productive work is being carried out in the background, but as long as it is barely visible to the outside world and no new initiatives or campaign themes emerge, Fidesz’s continued dominance appears unstoppable.

[Magyar Hang]

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