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Publicus: Few Hungarians Take Gattyán’s Political Bid Seriously

picture of György Gattyán

A large number of people have heard that György Gattyán (pictured) is considering a bid to run in next year’s Parliamentary elections, but not many seem to take the political intentions of Hungary’s third richest person seriously, according to a new poll by the Publicus Institute commissioned by Népszava.

A majority 59% of respondents said that they had heard of Gattyán’s thoughts of running, but 45% see his political ambitions as just “a rich man’s whim,” and only 9% of them take it seriously. A whopping 46% either could not or did not want to answer this question at all.

In addition, few respondents seemed to trust György Gattyán’s political motivations. Only 5% think that running for office was Gattyán’s own idea and that his intentions are sincere, but over four times as many, 22%, were of the opinion that “Fidesz is behind him one way or another, with the goal of causing confusion.” Supporters of the political opposition were particularly sympathetic to this view.

One-quarter of the respondents suspects some other unnamed reason for Gattyán’s political interest in the background, while 48% of them did not give substantive response.

The internet entrepreneur has recently appeared on public billboards around Hungary to promote a new venture, but is remaining vague about politics, and thus no one knows what the 51-year-old Gattyán’s real intent is.

The most important plank of his platform is a package of proposals to promote digitalisation in Hungary, such as in the field of digital education. Gattyán is looking for current parties to help him implement these policies, but plans to create his own if he has to.

The Hungarian billionaire said in an interview with Forbes that he already had a registered party, but he refused to reveal the name of the party or anyone notable who might be associated with it.

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