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Hungarians Say Gov’t the Main Reason for High Inflation

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Everyday consumer goods such as groceries and cleaning products have become much more expensive recently in Hungary, say 86% of Hungarians surveyed in a new poll on inflation commissioned by Népszava.

This includes 100% of opposition supporters and 74% of those sympathetic to the government, according to the Publicus Institute poll. But a quarter of Fidesz voters only noticed slightly higher prices, while 1% of them did not notice any change at all.

As for who or what was responsible for these high prices, the most common answer was the government, cited by 32%, or two-thirds of the opposition and one-seventh of pro-government supporters when broken down by political affiliation.

Global economic trends were named by 28% as the reason for high prices, while 8% said it was because of the pandemic. Notably, 8% of Fidesz voters blamed George Soros, the EU, former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and the opposition for high inflation.

In addition, 80% of those polled said they now examine the cost of individual products much more than they did a few years ago. This was true for 70% of government supporters and 87% of the opposition. More than three-quarters of people are much more likely to keep an eye out for discounted products or sales compared to last year or the year before.

[Magyar Hang]

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