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Facing Bribery Charges, Fidesz MP István Boldog Resigning to Spend More Time With Family

picture of István Boldog

I will not run in the 2022 Parliamentary elections, and will work to ensure that the candidate selected by the Fidesz executive and membership wins the election in the district.

-announced Fidesz MP István Boldog (pictured), who has been charged with bribery and other crimes by the Prosecutor General.

Boldog felt that the time had come to consider his family paramount. He thanked everyone for their support and said he would continue to help all who had worked on his behalf.

At the age of 55, after close to 30 years in politics and 12 years in national politics, I had to make the decision to put my family first, at my family’s request and for their benefit.

-said Boldog in a video posted to Facebook titled “Family is most important,” adding that his family had long been asking him to get out of national politics and find work in the private sector instead. Although he believes he has many supporters, Boldog said his family managed to win him over.

The Fidesz politician expressed pride in being the first politician from the Mezőtúr district to be elected to Parliament three times since the change of regime. Tamás Csányi from Jobbik would have faced off against Boldog in the general election as the candidate for the joint opposition.

At the end of June, István Boldog and eight of his accomplices were indicted for crimes that included accepting bribes in an official position. The Prosecutor’s Office asked the court for a six-year prison sentence and a 5 million Ft. (US $15,500) fine for the Fidesz MP, in addition to a five-year ban on public office and 6.6 million Ft. (US $20,400) of his assets confiscated.

Boldog has steadfastly denied the charges against him and maintained his innocence. In January, he claimed to be the victim of “an ugly political campaign.”


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