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Dialogue Calls for Immediate Parliamentary Action Over Völner

picture of Olivio Kocsis-Cake

Opposition party Dialogue has called for the Parliamentary Immunity Committee to convene over the case of Pál Völner, who resigned as State Secretary in the Ministry of Justice on Tuesday.

Olivio Kocsis-Cake, deputy chair of the party (pictured), highlighted in an online press conference on Wednesday that Pál Völner resigned only as deputy minister and state secretary, but not as a Member of Parliament. He stated that Völner could not be prosecuted until his immunity was waived.

If the committee does not meet this week, Parliament’s plenary session next week will not be able to rule on the suspension, and the decision may be delayed for several months due to the Christmas break.

-said the opposition politician.

Kocsis-Cake also thinks that the role of Pál Völner’s superior, Judit Varga, should be examined, since the Minister of Justice “deeply trusted” her former State Secretary. For that matter, criminal proceedings should be investigated “all the way to the Prime Minister, as he was involved, and had known about it for a long time,” claimed Olivio Kocsis-Cake.

On Tuesday, Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt requested waiving Parliamentary immunity for Pál Völner, stemming from an ongoing investigation into accusations of bribery and other crimes against the Fidesz politician.

That same day, Völner released a statement announcing that he would resign as state secretary, although he did not acknowledge any criminal responsibility.

Fidesz later announced in an official statement that it would vote to waive Pál Völner’s immunity.


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