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Business Owned by Family of Scandal-Plagued Pál Völner Worth Nearly 1 Billion Ft.

picture of Pál Völner

Pál Völner, the Fidesz politician who resigned as State Secretary after an investigation into bribery charges against him by the Prosecutor General’s Office heated up this week (pictured), earns a gross monthly salary of 1.3 million Ft. (US $4,019) as state secretary, and a further 1.2 million Ft. (US $3,710) as a Member of Parliament. In addition, he owns property in Győr and Nyergesújfalu, where he also has a law firm, as well as bank deposits worth 15 million Ft. (US $46,400), reported Népszava.

However, the paper wrote that Völner’s immediate family have far more valuable economic interests, which became profitable following Völner’s appointment as state secretary.

Tagba Kft., a company owned by the politician’s wife and son, is registered as a real estate company. Founded just in 2015, the company very quickly reached turnover of hundreds of millions of forints, while the company’s assets have grown to nearly 1 billion Ft. (US $3.09 million), of which 552 million Ft. (US $1.71 million) are cash.

Völner’s family also has a foothold in the shipping industry, according to Népszava. When Völner was State Secretary for Infrastructure in the Ministry of National Development, the shipping industry was under his portfolio, and his family’s company has also profited since then.

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