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Government Completely Taking Away Air Traffic Controllers’ Right to Strike

picture of air traffic controller

A trade union representing air traffic controllers says that the government is further restricting the ability of air traffic controllers to organize and represent their interests, writes

Tamás Székely, vice-president of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation, said in a statement on Sunday that a new bill being considered would essentially take away the rights of air traffic control workers to strike through stipulating conditions that are impossible for the workers to satisfy.

In the summer, when it became clear that the air traffic controllers in Ferihegy were preparing for a work stoppage for an indefinite period of time, two government decrees signed by Viktor Orbán were published in the Official Gazette that evening that made it impossible for them to go on strike, citing an emergency situation caused by the pandemic.

The union has already turned to the courts with respect to their inability to exercise their right to strike, but no decision has been made on their petition yet.


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