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International Support Shown for Hungarian Air Traffic Controllers’ Right to Strike

picture of air traffic controller

Around 4,000 workers from over one hundred countries took part in a campaign of solidarity in suppport of restoring the right of Hungarian air traffic controllers to go on strike, writes Index.

“The European Transport Workers’ Union in Brussels continues to fight for the interests of Hungarian air traffic controllers,” said Eoin Coates, head of the association’s aviation division, following the conclusion of their international solidary campaign.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán banned one of the air traffic controller unions from going on strike in July in a government decree, citing an emergency situation caused by the pandemic. The Brussels trade union then launched a campaign on behalf of Hungarian air traffic controllers in early August that lasted for three months.

During the union’s international solidarity campaign, 4,302 transport workers from over 100 countries sent emails to the Hungarian Prime Minister and other competent members of the government, as well as to the CEO of Hungarocontrol, expressing outrage at banning the employees’ right to strike. However, not one of the emails received a reply.

The air traffic controllers’ union was considering striking after long-running wage negotiations with Hungarocontroll were not able yield results.


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