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Civil Initiative Making Hungarian Budget Transparent

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Do Hungarians know where their tax money goes once it goes to the government? A civil organization is trying to find out and inform the public of it.

K-Monitor, an anti-corruption NGO, is working to make the 2022 budget more transparent by publishing official data on the passed budget through interactive data visualizations accompanied with explanations.

The group feels their work fills a needed information gap, as the government does not produce comprehensive data on exactly where, how much, and from what sources public money is spent.

The organization’s website makes budget data searchable and accessible, although they point out that creating this information should really be the government’s responsibility. As the Budget Act is the source of their data, they do not take responsibility for any confusing or obsolete content.

Along with their data, they also offers a publication in which Balázs Romhányi, head of the Institute of Budget Responsibility, informs the reader about the complex world of budget data, and states that trying to learn about the fundamental importance of public matters from the current Hungarian budget is hopeless.

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