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Parliament Passes “Child Protection” Referendum on Party-Line Vote

picture of vote in Parliament

As expected yesterday, on Tuesday Parliament passed a resolution to hold a referendum on “child protection” issues that was initiated by the government, reports Népszava.

In addition to pro-government MPs from the Fidesz-KDNP coalition, only a few independent MPs took part in the vote on the resolution, with opposition groups completely boycotting the vote.

The parliamentary resolution contains four questions, which were voted on one-by-one:

Do you support the promotion of gender reassignment treatments for minor children?

Do you support the display of media content showing gender reassignment to minors?

Do you support the unrestricted depiction of sexual-themed media content to minors that affect their development?

Do you support holding sexual orientation sessions for minor children in public education institutions without parental consent?

The resolution also states that the expenses for holding the referendum are expected to be 12.6 billion Ft. (US $39.4 million), regardless of the number of questions, but if it is held at the same time as the Parliamentary election, the costs will be 5.5 billion Ft. (US $17.2 million) higher.

In July, the Prime Minister announced that the government would launch a “child protection” referendum on five issues, but it was later reported that one of the questions would be dropped after failing to be approved by the Curia, the High Court of Hungary. The objectionable question was worded, “Do you support making gender reassignment treatments available for minor children?”

On November 9, Parliament unanimously changed the process of holding national referendums, allowing them to be held at the same time as a Parliamentary, European Parliament, or municipal elections. The restriction that a referendum could not be held 41 days before or after such elections was removed.

In addition, Antal Rogán, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, recently stated at an annual hearing in the Parliamentary Justice Committee on Monday that the government “firmly rejects LGBTQ propaganda against children, and will run a ‘strong campaign’ ahead of next year’s referendum on the subject.”


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