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Gov’t Plans to Run “Strong Campaign” on Anti-LGBTQ Themes

picture of Antal Rogán

The government firmly rejects LGBTQ propaganda directed at children, and will run a “strong campaign” ahead of next year’s referendum on the subject, said Antal Rogán, the head of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet (pictured), at an annual hearing in the Justice Committee in Parliament on Monday.

Rogán said that as many people as possible should make sure they vote in the “child protection” referendum. The government’s position on the issue is well-known, he said: Hungarians should vote “no” on all four questions in the referendum.

The Cabinet head also stated that in addition to the referendum, the government will emphasize the importance of coronavirus vaccinations over the next few months.

He said all means will be used to ensure that 70% of those those who have already been vaccinated will receive their third vaccination by the end of January. He also does not see a need for vaccine mandates, believing that informational campaigns and personal messages sent to as many people as possible make enough of an impact. In addition, the government is planning more Vaccine Weeks, said Antal Rogán.


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