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“Child Protection” Referendum Will Now Only Be Four Questions

picture of sexually confused kid

Instead of five questions, now only four will appear on the “child protection” referendum proposed by the government for next year, Magyar Nemzet reported.

The Curia, Hungary’s High Court, had found the wording of one of the questions to be problematic and invalidated it, although it had already been approved by the National Election Commission (NVB). The question read, “Do you support making gender reassignment treatments available for minor children?”

The government then turned to the Constitutional Court to appeal the Curia’s decision, but according to the news source, the government wasn’t willing to wait for the court’s ruling on the matter, so the problematic question will instead be removed.

The Curia upheld the NVB’s approval of the other four questions for the referendum, which state:

  • Do you support the promotion of gender reassignment treatments for minor children?
  • Do you support the display of media content showing gender reassignment to minors?
  • Do you support the unrestricted depiction of sexual-themed media content to minors that affect their development?
  • Do you support holding sessions on sexual orientation for minor children in public education institutions without parental consent?

As a result, Parliamentary elections and the “child protection” referendum can both be held on the same day, and may even appear on the same ballot together.


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