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All Hungarian MPs Have Reportedly Been Vaccinated

picture of Hungarian Parliament

Telex has confirmed that all Members of Parliament have been vaccinated, despite the fact that they have not made it mandatory for themselves.

Under current regulations, vaccination requirements are in effect for all staff working in the Office of the National Assembly, except for Parliamentary representatives.

Independent MP János Bencsik had previously proposed making vaccination compulsory for representatives.

The Socialists not only support the idea, but would even terminate the mandate of a Member who does not get vaccinated by December 31.

Green party LMP has not yet made a decision on whether to support the proposal, while Jobbik insists that there should be no vaccine mandates for anyone, as does Dóra Dúró from Mi Hazánk.

Despite the debate, it seems that all MPs have now gotten their Covid vaccine shot, says the news site.

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