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MPs Exempt From Vaccine Mandate on All Other Employees of Parliament

picture of Hungarian Parliament

It was reported on Wednesday afternoon that vaccination against the coronavirus will be mandatory for employees working in Parliament.

A few hours later, however, György Such, Director General of the Office of the National Assembly, issued a clarification, which stated that “the rule does not apply to Members of Parliament.”

The office can only make vaccination compulsory for its own employees and the civil servants it employs. As the deputies are not employees of the Office of Parliament, they cannot be obliged them to get the shot, he explained.

There is no official record of how many MEPs have already applied for the vaccine.

All other employees working in the National Assembly must get a vaccine shot by Dec. 31, with the exception of those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons. Those who do not do so will be sent on unpaid leave from Jan. 1, 2022, according to the office.


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