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Need Motivation? Watch Mayor of Győr Pump Iron in the Gym

picture of András Csaba Dézsi

When we last heard from András Csaba Dézsi, the mayor of Győr and the town’s head physician had interviewed himself in the local newspaper to explain why he was making vaccines mandatory for city employees.

But the mayor of the northwestern Hungarian city has other talents as well, and in a short Facebook video, he provides convincing evidence of his ability to do 10 barbell curls in a row.

However, the video is apparently meant to inspire rather than impress us, as the overlay text in the video (minus the cute emojis) reads,

“Smile… even if it’s hard sometimes!”

As a bonus, Mayor Dézsi also provides us with a special insight on work with the post title, “The only secret to work is: you have to do it!”

Personally, I think the mayor needs to work a bit on his form, but it’s hard to argue against the mayor’s advice about the benefits of smiling, which all Hungarians could take to heart.


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