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LMP’s Schmuck Catches Coronavirus

picture of Erzsébet Schmuck

Erzsébet Schmuck, Member of Parliament and co-chair of green party Politics Can Be Different (LMP), has also caught the coronavirus, she revealed on social media on Tuesday.

In her post, Schmuck noted the irony of calling for stricter Covid measures in a press conference held earlier on Monday, and then receiving a positive diagnosis for the disease later that evening. However, she has already had three vaccine shots and so hopes to get through it with only mild symptoms.

“I recommend that everyone get vaccinated and wear a mask in indoor spaces,” added the opposition politician.

At LMP’s press conference on Monday, Elizabeth Schmuck stressed that the government is not taking any substantive action on the epidemic. The opposition party is urging that cultural, sports and recreation facilities, as well as restaurants only be open to those possessing a valid vaccination card issued by the government.


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