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Gábor Bojár Providing Financial Support to Márki-Zay’s Campaign

picture of Gábor Bojár

Even before Péter Márki-Zay was chosen as the opposition prime ministerial candidate for next year’s elections, Gábor Bojár had occasionally supported his campaign with a million forints or two, which he calls a “small amount compared to his means,” the entrepreneur told ATV.

“I feel that a wealthy citizen has a civic duty to support political formations that agree with their values,” said the Graphisoft founder. Bojár also claimed that he gave large sums to Márki-Zay so that the opposition politician wouldn’t be dependent on any one party.

As previously reported, the architecture software mogul is now assisting Márki-Zay with economic policy issues because he felt that he could help Hungary in this way, although he would not want to be Economic Minister in a new government.

In addition to Bojár, it came to light recently that businessman László Bige had also donated money to Márki-Zay during the primary elections, and would be willing to provide more funds to the politician’s campaign. “I offered to support his campaign if he needs me to,” said Bige, for whom several millions of forints would be just small change, according to Telex.


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