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Fidesz Politician Unwilling to Elaborate on Frank Speech at Party Congress

picture of Péter Kovács

As previously reported, Fidesz politician Péter Kovács made an honest admission in his speech to the party’s congress over the weekend that they are still waiting for answers from the party to some uncomfortable questions posed by consituents.

RTL Híradó called up Kovács to find out exactly what those questions might be, but the mayor of Budapest’s District XVI was apparently unable to divulge what was on his mind that day, and the discussion featured this exchange with the reporter:

RTL reporter: What are these questions?

Kovács: You would know this better than I.

RTL reporter: I really don’t know what you’re thinking of.

Kovács: Of course you do.

The mayor claimed that the media knows this better than him because they “write about it everyday, and talk about it every day.”

RTL also asked the mayor for an example of the kind of difficult questions constituents ask him, but he would only say that “activists are waiting for Fidesz to clear a few things up.”

When the television news program then asked Péter Kovács if he was thinking of things such as how oligarch Lőrinc Mészáros became enriched through public money, the politician said “Happy guessing” and ended the call.

RTL Híradó also reached out to Fidesz to ask them what kinds of instructions they are providing to activists, but they did not get a response from the party.


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