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Hungarian IT Courses Cost Four Times as Much If Funded From EU Money

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If the student pays for the lesson, it’s only 1,000 Ft. (US $3.12) per hour, but if the state funds it from EU money, it quadruples to 4,000 Ft. (US $12.47), according to MP Ákos Hadházy.

“The Hungarian state is funding a fast-start course to train 1,000 IT professionals from EU money. However, the price of courses funded by the EU is somehow miraculously four times higher than those that don’t get state funding,” writes Hadházy, an independent Member of Parliament.

Referring to documents in his post, the MP states that “the number of hours and the subject are the same, but the price is 1,000 Ft. / hour if the student pays for it and 4,000 Ft. / hour if the state does! The loss to the budget therefore is 2.25 billion(!) Ft.”

Ákos Hadházy also states that the difference in cost is not justified by the fact that the course curriculum need to be created, as “the government has provided four billion from separate EU grants” for that purpose.

The biggest problem, according to Hadházy is that “if three-quarters of the money had not been stolen,” four thousand young people instead of one thousand could have been trained from this same amount of money.


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