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Fidesz District Mayor Says His Party Needs Answers to Difficult Constiutent Questions

picture of Péter Kovács

At the Fidesz Party Congress on Sunday, Budapest District XVI Mayor Péter Kovács gave a surprisingly honest admission about his party in his speech to convention attendees.

Mayor Kovács spoke about how Fidesz could win in the capital, claiming that leftists take money to win every district. He believes that everyone who wants Fidesz to win should knock on the doors of neighbors, acquaintances, and strangers, telling them what they can expect and what their choices are.

But he also told conference attendees, “Of course there will be unpleasant questions, and you must answer those as well. We’re still waiting for Fidesz headquarters to tell us good answers to give to those unpleasant questions, but, my dear friend, if we get those answers, success will be ours.”

The district mayor then urged everyone to get to work, start knocking on doors next spring, and show them the alternatives: “Fidesz or destruction.”


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