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Budapest City Council Won’t Hold Extra Session on City Hall Matter

picture of Budapest City Council

Despite pleas from the Fidesz caucus, the Budapest City Council will not hold an extraordinary session on Wednesday, Nov. 17, as the capital claims that the request was submitted too late.

The Fidesz-KDNP caucus in the capital’s municipal authority wanted to convene an extraordinary general meeting to investigate claims by the media in the past few weeks that City Hall was up for sale.

Representing the group, Zsolt Láng argued that Mayor Gergely Karácsony has been constantly avoiding the topic and speaking around it. “Budapest residents have a right to know the answers to the questions that have arisen in recent weeks,” said the caucus leader, who asked the mayor to convene an extraordinary council meeting without delay, at 9 am on Wednesday morning to “finally begin a substantive fact-finding process.”

Fidesz has asked for only one item on the agenda: to set up a committee to inquire into the matter.

However, the press department of the Mayor’s Office quickly made it clear that no extraordinary general meeting would be held. The department wrote that such initiatives must be submitted three days before the meeting, according to current rules.

The council’s next regular meeting will be next Wednesday, when it will be possible, according to the press department, to discuss putting the Fidesz proposal on the council’s agenda.

“The mayor will say once again at the next meeting of the Budapest City Council that the City Hall building is not for sale,” the Mayor’s Office added.

[Magyar Hang]

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