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Bősz Announces Pregnancy as She Becomes Budapest Deputy Mayor

“I carry my young son under my heart while I not only become a mother, but also a deputy mayor of the capital,” wrote Anett Bősz on Facebook.

The DK-affiliated politician was the democratic opposition’s nominee in the Budapest suburb of Érd in the April 3 election, but came up short against András Aradszki of Fidesz.

Although Bősz didn’t win a seat in Parliament, she ended up snagging the role of Budapest deputy mayor when current deputy mayor Erzsébet Gy Németh was chosen to take the parliamentary seat of Gergely Karácsony, who won a mandate from the joint party list but decided to keep his current job as Mayor of Budapest instead. [Azonnali]

Coincidentally, tabloid Blikk reported yesterday that Momentum President Anna Donáth was also pregnant, although the politician did not make a public statement about it.

The MEP decided to share the news privately with members of her party after the elections, although some of them began to suspect it before then, according to Index. [Index]

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