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Tapolca Cinema Manager Getting Personal Attacks for Not Showing “Elkxrtuk”

poster of Elkxrtuk movie

The director of the movie theater in Tapolca that has refused to play the politically-oriented film “Elkxrtuk” has been getting threats and personal attacks for the decision, it came out on Friday.

The cinema came under fire after Tibor Navracsics, who is in charge of culture in Veszprém Country, wrote a letter to the Tapolca City Cinema about why it would not play the movie about the riots and disturbances of 2006, and which has been called a Fidesz “propaganda film.”

The Fidesz politician received a response from cinema director Veronika Bakonyi, who wrote that “due to the topic of the film,” they had decided not to screen it in the Western Hungarian town.

On Friday afternoon, the cinema’s CEO, Károly Rédli, posted a message on the Facebook page of the Tapolca City Cinema, in which he claims that since then his colleague has become the target of attacks.

Rédli said that he could not refrain from commenting on the attacks that have occurred as a result of publicity in the matter in the pro-government press. “Because of my managerial decision agreed with the owner, we have received unprecedented and impossible-to-believe telephone calls and emails lacking all human dignity, and which no one should be obliged to tolerate.”

However, Rédli did not say that the cinema would start showing “Elkxrtuk,” only that they “continue to maintain the right to decide whether to screen the film in consultation with ownership.”

“The Tapolca cinema is the home of culture, and I would like it to remain that way in the future,” Rédli wrote.


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