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Navracsics Wants to Know Why Tapolca Cinema Isn’t Playing “Elkxrtuk”

picture of Tibor Navracsics

“Today, I wrote a letter to Veronika Bakonyi, the director of the Tapolca City Cinema, about the screening of the film ‘Elkxrtuk,'” Fidesz politician Tibor Navracsics wrote in a Monday morning Facebook post relayed by Népszava.

Navracsics wrote that he considered it his duty to convey the criticism he has heard in recent days to the cinema itself. Specifically, despite the fact that more than 98,000 people have already seen the politically-oriented film “Elkxrtuk” in Hungarian cinemas, Navracsics was concerned that “the local population was unfortunately forced to visit cinemas in neighboring cities” if they wanted to watch it.

“I would like to receive an answer to the question of what considerations, or possibly instructions, were behind this decision, and when ‘Elkxrtuk’ will be shown there,” he wrote.

In a written response, the former Justice Minister and EU commissioner received the following reply from Veronika Bakonyi, director of the cinema: “I wish to inform you that due to the topic of the film, based on a decision resulting from our discussions, we have not shown the film.”

“It seems that there are people in Tapolca who are already ashamed of what they thought about the events of 2006 a few years ago,” commented Tibor Navracsics in reponse to Bakonyi’s letter, referring to the contents of the movie that has been accused of falsifying historical events.

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