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Márki-Zay: “Effectively Mentally Ill” People Are in Power

picture of Péter Márki-Zay speaking

After being called a “fool” by Parliamentary speaker László Kövér, opposition leader Péter Márki-Zay responded with his own sharp comment on ruling party Fidesz, likening Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to former Romanian Communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu.

“I think an effective mentally ill person is one who wants to tell me two weeks in advance on exactly which day the first wave will peak. Or one who is building a 4,000-person stadium in a village of 2,000, which was preceded by another ‘genius’ in the Carpathians, Ceaușescu,” stated the prime ministerial candidate for the united opposition.

“We have effectively mentally ill people in power, so when László Kövér talks about the mentally ill, I can only think of Fidesz,” Márki-Zay told television news program ATV Híradó.


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