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Stummer Writes NSO Group for Answers on Pegasus

picture of János Stummer

As he promised over the weekend, Chair of the National Security Committee János Stummer has written a letter to the Israeli manufacturer of Pegasus surveillance software, which was reportedly used by the government on business leaders, politicians, lawyers, and journalists.

In a letter sent in English and Hungarian, the Jobbik politician wanted to clarify some questions about the Hungarian use of the software. He also indicated that he would initiate proceedings to declassify the government’s contract with Pegasus, and make an official request, for the third time, that an inquiry commission be set up on the matter.

“I have sent a letter to the directors of the Israeli NSO Group informing us of what the Hungarian government is unwilling to talk about: who was surveilled, when, under what authority, and over what period of time?” the opposition MP wrote in a Facebook post on Monday afternoon as related by Népszava.

Stummer said in an interview on Sunday that the Pegasus spy software had been used by the government on over 100 Hungarians, and also that he had seen the framework contract for the sale but not the terms of any appendices. The recent uproar over the issue was sparked by Fidesz politician Lajos Kósa admitting to the media that on Thursday that the government had employed use of the software.

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