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Hungarian Village Program Requires Its Logo Be Displayed on Stores It Sponsors

picture of Hungarian Village Program poster

Shops in small towns subsidized by the Hungarian Village Program will have to display a certain number posters with its logo to show they are sponsored by the government-run agency.

According to a government document quoted in Telex, “The beneficiaries are expected to make their connection to the Hungarian Village Program visually apparent by utilizing the image elements of the Hungarian Village Program. Adherence to specific appearance rules is the basis for communicating a unified, professional image.”

The program’s images feature Hungary’s national colors of red, white, and green as well as its logo.

Stores have been able to open in 121 Hungarian towns due to support from the Hungarian Village Program. The program has set aside 45 billion Ft. (US $144 million) this year to open new stores selling general goods, with 5.6 billion Ft. (US $18.0 million) just in the next few weeks and months.

The government program, Telex writes, is intended to address the issue of an increasing number of unprofitable shops closing down in small Hungarian towns, thus ensuring that people who live in those places are able to purchase their daily necessities.


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