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Szombathely Mayor Unable to Access His Own City’s Virus Data

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The mayor of Szombathely in western Hungary stated that he would have to wait 45 days to be given access to basic data on the coronavirus in his city, such as the vaccination rate and number of infected persons there.

The Hungarian government has decided to let local municipalities and companies determine whether to make vaccination compulsory for their employees, and Mayor András Nemény wrote that he had requested the data from the Defense Committee so that he could make a responsible decision on the matter for municipal employees.

However, the official response from the chair of the Vas County Defense Committee, which the mayor posted on his Facebook page, stated that a ruling on the mayor’s request for public interest data would only be made after 45 days, because “answering the request would jeopardize the provision of emergency public tasks by our agency.”

The mayor wrote that he would not wait 45 days, but he thanked the Defense Committee for their “help.”


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