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Hungary Issues More Residence Permits to Ukrainians, Chinese and Koreans Compared to Its EU Neighbors

Hungary issued 54,835 residence permits to citizens of non-EU countries last year, most of them to citizens from ten countries, reports

Based on data from Eurostat, 20,744 Ukrainians received residence permits (37.8% of the total), 6,000 Chinese (including Hong Kong, 10.9%), more than 3,000 Vietnamese (5.5%), and over 2,000 each to Serbs and South Koreans (3.8% each). Hungary also issued over 1,000 permits to Turks, Indians, Americans, as well as Russians.

The data shows that Hungary issued residence permits to a significantly higher number of Ukrainian (presumably many belonging to the ethnic Hungarian minority), Chinese and South Korean citizens compared to its neighboring EU countries. 58% of residence permits last year were given for employment reasons, while 16% were issued to those who came to Hungary to study.



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