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Two Budapest Local Councils Make Vaccines Mandatory for Municipal Workers

picture of vaccine shot

Zoltán Pokorni, mayor of Budapest’s Hegyvidék district, ordered mandatory vaccinations for all employees in his office, referring to a local Hegyvidék council decision on the matter, according to Telex. The Fidesz mayor set a deadline of December 15 for workers to get their first shot.

In addition, District XVI Mayor Péter Kovács has ordered that all municipal employees in his district, including security guards, nursery school, kindergarten, social service and office workers, be vaccinated by December 20. Kovács is also in a member of ruling party Fidesz.

However, the leadership in Székesfehérvár and Debrecen, both led by Fidesz politicians, do not plan to make the coronavirus vaccine mandatory for its respective city employees, nor will the opposition-led municipality in Budapest’s Újpest district.


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