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Trade Unions: Public Transportation Could Come to a Halt If Vaccines Mandate Implemented

picture of Budapest tram

Service on both Hungarian State Railways (MÁV) and Volán Bus Service could come to a halt if vaccines become mandatory for employees who work there, the head of the Railway Trade Union and the head of the Solidarity Bus Transportation Union told ÁTV Híradó news.

Railways Trade Union President János Meleg said that there is a high vaccination rate among MÁV office workers, but those who deal directly with train transportation have been vaccinated at a much lower rate.

István Dobi of the Solidary Bus Transportation claimed that a vaccine mandate won’t be implemented, as Volán would shut down if workers were dismissed, and that workers were outraged about the possibility of mandatory vaccines.

In addition, Attila Gulyás, president of the Trade Union of Urban Public Transporation Workers, told Telex that if a vaccine mandate were introduced, so many workers would be dismissed that it would effectively be a strike. Gulyás’ trade union represents a significant number of Budapest’s public transportation workers.

[Magyar Hang]

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