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New World People’s Party to Support Márki-Zay’s Candidacy for Prime Minister

picture of József Pálinkás

The New World People’s Party chose new leaders at its General Assembly on October 28, where József Pálinkás was elected again as party president.

The party also announced that it would “support the campaign of the winning prime ministerial candidate in the opposition’s primary election” in the 2022 Parliamentary elections.

Pálinkás himself had vied for the nomination in the recently-concluded primary elections but did not make it onto the ballot. Hódmezővásárhely mayor Péter Márki-Zay eventually emerged victorious.

The goal of the New World People’s Party is to become, following the elections, a partner in a new, strong center-right political coalition that will accomodate “voters who are frustrated with civic values in current politics.”

Márki-Zay has stated on several occsasions his preference for a seventh caucus in the National Assembly that would comprise the New World People’s Party, his own Everybody’s Hungary Movement, and civil partners.


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