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“Stop Gyurcsány” Campaign Collecting Signatures in Town Hall

The town of Mihályi in Győr-Moson-Sopron Country is allowing Fidesz’ “Stop Gyurcsány” petition campaign to collect signatures in its town hall, writes LMP Parliamentary Representative Ákos Hadházy on Facebook. The MP spoke with representatives of the Mihályi town council, who confirmed the news to him.

Hadházy later spoke with indepedent mayor Gábor Csitei, who stated that volunteers oversee the signature collection, but did not answer the question of whether it was appropriate to conduct a political campaign for Fidesz in the town council building.

As previously reported, Fidesz has been accused of pressuring non-politically-aligned mayors in small towns to cooperate with its signature collection efforts in the “Stop Gyurcsány” campaign. [Telex]

Posted in 2022 Elections

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